Een muzikale fietstocht
door het Brugse Ommeland

Ticket info

A ticket for Vélo Baroque costs € 25; children younger than 12 can particpate for free (+ € 1 administration cost). A picknick should be ordered in advance.

Tickets are completely sold out.


The bike ride starts at Concertgebouw Brugge, where you can collect a schedule, a map and practical information about Vélo Baroque. When buying your ticket, you have to chose between starting at 10h00 or 10h45. You can plan the rest of your day as you wish.


The trail is 30 kilometers long and runs between Bruges and Sijsele.


At noon,  you can pick up a picnic at the Ryckevelde castle. You need a ticket to enjoy this lunch (€ 10) - SOLD OUT

Info points

At each location MAfestival crew members will be available to answer your questions.

First Aid

There is a first aid station along the trail.

Flat tire?

Flat tire? Our mobile repair service comes on the spot to repair your bike!

Alternative transportation

The locations are equally accessible by car.


All participants are insured, if there isn't deviated from the parcours.